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Your BCETS subscription provides the highest level of RWGPS features. You can wirelessly transfer BBC Routes from a phone or pc (Pin) to a GPS device or download the RWGPS app on your phone for turn by turn navigation with audio cues. Select here for a full list of RWGPS Club features and How To's.
Let's get started...

First you must Join the RWGPS BCETS Club Account:

  • To join any RWGPS Club you must have a personal RWGPS account. If you already have a RWGPS account, select Sign in to your account and enter the email and password for your RWGPS personal account. Otherwise select the Sign up button and enter name, email address etc. to create your new personal RWGPS account

  • That's it. Congrats, you're now a member of the BCETS RWGPS Club! You'll use your email address to sign into the BCETS RWGPS Club from now on

  • Select  Continue to club  for the BCETS Club account. Now you can access the Events calendar, Routes etc.

Take a look around
, especially explore the Events and Route Library menus.


How do I log back into the BCETS Club Account

  • Select this link (The Club URL is

    • Or go to the BBC web page, select BCETS then the button on the left

    • Or from RWGPS, Search Clubs and enter BCETS

    • Or on your phone, from the RWGPS App, select the BCETS Club logo

  • Next select the  button and enter your RWGPS email and password. If you're a member of multiple RWGPS Clubs, select the BCETS Club

    If your RWGPS background menu isn't yellow  then you're not signed into the BCETS Club, just select the  button.

Where do I go to get latest Event details and Route(s)

  • The RWGPS BCETS Club page is the master source for Events/Routes. Route changes are made here 
    • From the RWGPS BCETS Club page, select Events. From either the Calendar or List View, select an Event to get all its information. At the bottom of the page are the Event Route(s)
    • Or from the BCETS Page, select the BCETS Calendar button on the left

Where can I learn more about RWGPS features

  • Use the RWGPS extensive Help. For example:

    • If you have a GPS device, checkout this convenient time saving way to Pin a route and wirelessly send it to your GPS device

What if I still need help with my RWGPS account

  • If you can't figure something it out with the RWGPS Help or a Google Search, please send an email to