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Madison's Largest Cycling Club for Recreation and Fitness

How experienced of a cyclist do I need to be and what kind of shape do I need to be in?

Checkout the BCETS Program page which will offer guidelines for fitness level requirements. If you are still unsure, please send an email to

What kind of gearing do I need on my bike?
BCETS participants generally have a minimum of a 28 tooth rear cassette. A 30 tooth or larger is better. A compact crank in the front is also helpful

What if I miss a few rides?
Don't worry if you have to miss a few rides. We all have lives outside of cycling, however we do encourage you to get out for each ride!

If I know that I’m going to miss a few rides, can I get a discount on the registration fee?
No, sorry. We do not offer partial or prorated registration fees.

Do we ride if the weather is less than ideal?
Yes! One of the benefits of BCETS is learning to ride in different kinds of weather. We start when it’s still cold, and we end up riding in weather than may reach the 90s. Safety always comes first though. We don’t ride when the road conditions are dangerous (ice or snow) and we may cancel rides due to extreme weather events such as high winds or thunderstorms.

Do I need special cold weather gear?
The temperature can be cold for the first few rides. You should at a minimum have warm booties, warm gloves/mittens, proper head gear, and a good cold weather jacket. Additional information on cold weather riding will be provided.

Do you provide sag support and have dedicated water stops?
We do not provide sag support or food/water out on the routes, however the rides are designed to go past parks with water fountains and convenience stores so you can refill water bottles and refuel if needed.

What kind of routes do you provide?
We email Ride with GPS routes prior to each ride. Select routes to view the entire RWGPS series.

Are e-bikes allowed on BCETS rides?
No, we do not allow e-bikes on BCETS rides.

Do I need to be a member of Bombay Bicycle Club in order to participate in BCETS?
Yes, but it's easy to sign up as a member for just $35!. Click here to go to the online membership form.

Are minors allowed to participate in BCETS?
No, individuals must be 18 years of age or older.

What if I have more questions?
You can attend the orientation meeting in February, or you can contact BCETS at